Trading & Supply Chain

From Precious Metals to Diamonds & Minerals, Oil & Gas and other commodities. Through our vetted partners and experience, we mediate and oversee clean and safe trading process.

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As Dubai entered the second century of being the world trading intersection of precious metals, we have both offer and demand. The gold, silver, platinum and other rare metals are traded & shipped 24/7.

Diamonds & minerals

We trade diamonds through our global partners – mainly Africa, Asia and Latin America – with long-term industry knowledge and expertise.

Oil & Gas

Getting the oil, gas and refined products to the businesses on the market, wherever they may be in the world, is a tough job we are capable of taking care of.

And more

H.H. Sheikh Mana bin Hasher Al Maktoum Group of Companies covers more fields of trading and supply chain. Kindly get in touch if you miss a specific area of your business interest.

Trading & Supply Chain | H. H. Sheikh Mana bin Hasher Al Maktoum